Triggers & Patience

By Kevin

In our week of tactics to handle and manage anxiety, we finish with some basic techniques to heighten your self-awareness when it comes to anxiety.

Know your Triggers

Like shooting a gun, you know what triggers you into a state of anxiety. What makes you anxious? Is it being late to a meeting? Is it speaking in front of the room? Or is it walking in front of everyone? Of you know your triggers you can make preparations to manage those situations better.

Practice Patience

When you and I get anxious, our heart rate increases and we tend to act impulsively, wanting to rid ourselves from the anxious thought or situation. Instead of acting impulsively, just calmly take note of it and breathe your way through the moment and be curious about it. Anxiety starts with a thought. Patiently letting your anxiety pass will be a key to emotions free of excessive response to anxiety.

As we go about our commitment to rid your world of anxiety and worry, we welcome your comments. What triggers your anxiety?



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