Unlock Brain Activity

By Kevin

In working with children, adults, and families, I have come to know the value in being able to be and stay mentally sharp. The brain, like other muscles, needs activity to thrive.

There are some specific ways to get your brain going:

Physical Exercise - getting blood into the brain sends more oxygen into the brain.

Mind Exercises - learn to stop and watch your mind; learn something new every day or try something a different way.

Healthy Breakfast - this is important. Eating as many raw fruits and veggies help your brain.

Increase Water Intake - keep the fluids pumping; even a slight dehydration increases stress hormones (I suggest a minimum of 3 bursts of 16oz of water through the day).

Keep Journals & Notebooks - writing gives a feedback loop of importance within your brain.

Think Positively - by thinking positively you access higher-order thinking abilities.

Sleep - when you don't get enough sleep, your brain gets sluggish; get as much sleep as you need to stay alert.

Creative Visualization - use your brain to create what you really want.

Develop Creativity & Intuition - getting to know and trust yourself is a key to sharpening your brain.

Brainpower Plan - learn a new habit; it takes 20-30 days of repetition to build new habits.

Bravely Move Forward

This is where you get to use your brain to bravely move forward on your own Life Journey. So take three of these activities and use them in your daily routine this week.



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