What do your Saturday plans say about you?

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

The week you experienced has been hectic. As determined as you are to succeed in your professional life, Saturdays show the world what we enjoy and value.

The 2nd Street Market

On the relatively quiet part of Downtown Dayton is a collection of local small business owners who occupy a renovated freight house. On Saturdays the public gathers to experience local food growers, producers, and artisans. The regulars know each other and welcome those coming to this building for the first time.

By word of mouth, the audience of individuals draws people from various disciplines, to eat locally grown food, listen to music, and buy homemade items. Saturday is the busiest of the three days at the Market each week.

The Market stands as a reminder that while we may work hard during the week in business, we we do on Saturdays may tell the world what we value the most.

What do you value on Saturdays?



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