What's Most Important?

By Kevin

During initial and ongoing individual coaching sessions, I work with many who know what they have been through. They may know who they are by the titles and duties they perform for others. More often than not, they have some preconceived notion of the way things ought to be in their life. Then I come to a simple question...

What's important to you?

There is a pause when I ask this question. I've heard half-hearted answers about money, family, fun, and pleasure. The more we talk and the more I nudge them, the question gets answered. Their answer is unique to them.

But how would you answer what's important to you?

Experts in the field of human behavior begin to outline a person's priorities by how they spend their money and time.

Before you know where you're going in life, it's important to know the real you. It's important to understand what drives you and what is truly important to you.

There's no harm in the question. There's wisdom in the answer. Ponder the question and you will begin to understand the direction your Journey is headed.

~ Kevin R. Foley




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