What's Your Addiction?

By Kevin

In my work with individuals addicted to drugs, I see parallels with those not addicted to drugs or alcohol. Wikipedia defines addiction as "a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences."

Addictions have various forms

Much of your behavior is based on a motivation of some kind. You have seen the devastating Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit America's Gulf Coast and felt compelled to send a financial contribution to the massive clean up. Your donation was motivated by wanting to help others.

We see the devastating effects of drug addiction, physically and socially. They may get arrested, lose their family, and their job.

There are other addictions that you and I may have, which may not be so apparent. Think of it this way. How far away is your cell phone from you right now? Is it in in your hands as you read this? Is it within arms reach? When you're with someone you care about and you suddenly get a notification reminder, what do you do? If you instantly switch to your phone, you may have an addiction.

I have an addiction to Coca Cola sodas from McDonald's. They taste good and trigger energy within me. I know it may have adverse consequences. I know I can do with out it, but I choose not to.

Today's Step: Pay attention to what you're addicted to. What adverse consequences do you have to your addiction?



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