What's Your Moonshot?

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Elon Musk has one.

Bill Gates has more than one.

Richard Branson has one.

The question is...what's your big goal?

Elon Musk wants to help humans inhabit Mars. Bill Gates wanted every person in the world to have a computer in their home. Richard Branson wanted to make airlines fun for the customer.

Moonshot Purpose

There are thousands or more individuals who want to accomplish something much bigger than themselves. Bill Gates successfully grew Microsoft and is now turning his attention to ending preventable disease in the world, through medical technology. The moonshot is something that drives each person to something seemingly unattainable, yet crucial to the advancement of the world. Individuals with Moonshot goals see beyond the obstacles and get busy on accomplishing what was once impossible.

What would you work feverishly to accomplish, knowing there are no limits?

My Moonshot?

I want to rid the world of anxiety and depression. These two emotions truly limit individual accomplishments more often than we care to admit.

What's your Moonshot?

Don't shy away from the question. Don't ignore this post as some naive rant. Follow the question with a moonshot answer below...



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