Who Do You Trust?

By Kevin

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Long before social media, I learned.

Long before I go to high school, I learned.

I learned who was going to be a friend and who was not.


Remember those days of kindergarten? Instinctively, you looked at other kids around you. Through natural adaption, you began to watch what others were doing. You naturally drew yourself toward others who were doing things you liked doing too. We learn to develop friendships on commonalities.


Around the ages of 12-18, the crash course on trust kicks into high gear. You begin to see things you don't like in others. You begin to understand that not everyone likes, cares, or looks out for you. In those teenage years, I learned quickly who to trust with my valued inner thoughts. I learned, through frustration, who was not in my corner.

In my work with all types of people, one of the many things they will share with me in private is this: who you surround yourself will make or break you.

If there's one thing to be selfish about, it's be VERY careful who you surround yourself with.

You can be kind to everyone. Unfortunately, who you trust might well be a small number of individuals.



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