Your Triggers

By Kevin

Bob came to us, desperately looking for guidance out of his alcoholism. He had horrific stories of his disease, which began in his teenage years and now into his mid-50s. I asked him what his triggers to drinking were, he paused. He had never thought of what got him to think of drinking alcohol.

Triggers to Behavior

Triggers are any situation, thought, or memory that results in you thinking of destructive behavior. Like a gun, triggers set off a bullet of behavior in one or more directions. For Bob, it was the mere thought of "I deserve to have a drink." Bob's romantic connection to drinking, led him to consider drinking as acceptable.

Your triggers don't have to be as destructive and detrimental as Bob's. You can connect an emotionally positive memory of a loved one as a trigger to write them a note and let them know you value their presence in your life.

If there is something you'd really like to achieve, begin placing a positive one word phrase, which will trigger you to accomplish your goal.

If there is a trigger resulting in a destructive behavior, catch yourself, at decision point, and go in a different direction. The more you aware of triggers, the more you can prepare to respond to them more positively.

Today's Step: Increase your awareness of and use triggers to get going in a positive behavior.

by Kevin R. Foley, M.Ed., LPC

Author, IWAWO



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